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Bedside fistula testsThe purpose of this test is to detect perilymphic fistula and related conditions such as superior canal dehiscence. If pressure sensitivity is found, one of these conditions is highly likely.Fistula Test

Pressure is applied to each ear in turn, and eye movements are recorded. The picture above shows Dr. Hain using a Brunnings otososcope to deliver pressure.

Fistula testing can also be done at the bedside as illustrated on the accompanying figure. Pressure is applied to the ear through one of the devices listed (1-hand bulb with typanometer tip, 2-Brunnings otoscope, 3-tympanometer), and eye movement is either directly observed or measured with a video-frenzel goggle device.

Illustrations of positive fistula tests can be found on the page concerning pressure senstivity --


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