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Tinnitus Handicap Inventory

Timothy C. Hain, MD Page last modified: October 23, 2016 button Return to testing index

There are innumerable questionnaires for tinnitus, and the THI is popular one. The THI is also called the "THQ" for tinnitus handicap questionnaire.

A PDF version of the THI is here.

Overview of the THI test.

The tinnitus handicap inventory was developed by the same authors who developed the dizziness handicap inventory, "To develop a self-report tinnitus handicap measure that is brief, easy to administer and interpret, broad in scope, and psychometrically robust." (Newman et al, 1996)

The THI is not a diagnostic test -- rather it produces scores related to the percieved tinnitus handicap -- a subjective quantity.

The THI is a 25 item test, and the maximum score is 100.

Salviati et al (2013) reported that scores above 36 suggest psychiatric distress.

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