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New Treatments for Meniere's Disease

Timothy C. Hain, MD Page last modified: May 31, 2015

In general, it is best to be very skeptical about new treatments for Meniere's. Because the disease fluctuates, very large numbers are needed to prove that a treatment is effective. In other words, one can easily by chance have a sequence of patients who do well on any particular regimen, medication or device, which is actually a placebo. Considerable data supporting this idea has been put forth by Torok (1977) and Ruckenstein (Ruckenstein et al. 1991). There is very little evidence that any currently available treatment, whether it be medical or surgical, changes hearing. (Am J Otol 18:67-73, 1997) There is good evidence, though, that certain destructive treatments (such as gentamicin) alleviate dizziness. Comments are in italics.

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